Chatttr is a transient forum for chatting and drawing—no login required. It’s a young hobby project so expect things to change occasionally.

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The Internet’s public parks have been replaced by private gardens. Private gardens that harvest your personal data, sell it to advertisers, and hand it over at the drop of a hat. Well, it’s silly to think we’re going to fix that—and we definitely won’t fix it with a silly chat site. But we do what we can. Each room’s history here is limited to twenty-four hours or one hundred posts, which ever comes first. And the archives are continuously recycled so if you like something take screen grabs because it won’t stick around long.
You can create a new chat room on the fly just by browsing to a new URL for it. For example, if you wanted to start a room called “awesome” you’d just use the following URL: It’s that easy.
Chatttr’s vector drawing is powered by Paper.js. In addition to mouse (or finger) drawing and editing the following key commands are supported: Select all: ⌘A. Copy, Paste, Cut: ⌘C, ⌘V, ⌘X. Deselect all: Escape. Scale: + and -. Rotate: < and >. Move: arrow keys.
Text styles
Chatttr allows basic HTML formatting tags like strong (or b), em (or i), underline, subscript, superscript, code, and strike. Basic hyperlinks will also be rendered clickable. Outside of the Welcome room images and some video (YouTube, Vimeo) can be embedded with just a hyperlink.
User Color
Your color’s hue is automatically assigned based on your longitude. (Works about 90% of the time.) The western most nations are red, shifting into orange and then into yellow / green near the Prime Meridian. Then the hues shift into blue and purple at the far east of the globe. In theory if Chatttr’s users were evenly distributed around the world we’d see the overall hue of each room shift throughout the day.
Drag this link: Chatttr to your browser’s bookmarks bar. Then later when you’re visiting a site you want to chat about, just click your new Chatttr bookmark.
Think of the encryption provided in the configuration drawer as a mild deterrent rather than a fortress. Read more about the proper use of One Time Pads. If you’re handy with JavaScript have a look at the SC.crypt{} object. How might you improve it? Make a bookmarklet of it?
Terms of Use
This web application is provided as-is with no guarantees. By using this site you agree not to hold its creators liable for anything. The content is user-generated and may or may not reflect the views of Chatttr. The site components, unless otherwise noted, are © 2011. All rights reserved. Keep your heads kids.

Chatttr was built by Stewdio (Stewart Smith) and uses the Bootstrap framework (Jürg Lehni) for DOM manipulation and Paper.js (Jürg Lehni and Jonathan Puckey) for HTML5 vector drawing. Beware of impostors—you never truly know who you’re talking to. You can follow Stewart on Twitter at